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Maurice O'Carroll advocate Scotland
Maurice O'Carroll advocate Scotland

My Services

Advocates offer the public a distinct and independent service which complements the services provided by the solicitor branch of the profession.   In particular, Advocates offer specialist legal representation and advice to clients of solicitors and of members of certain other professional bodies.

 When a civil action or criminal prosecution is current, or in contemplation, a practitioner may often require assistance from an Advocate on their client’s behalf. This need may arise even in situations where no legal proceedings are contemplated.   There are many reasons for seeking Counsel’s assistance, such as time and workload pressures; insufficient expertise in advocacy or the legal field concerned; and an appreciation that the problem might benefit from an independent review.
In such circumstances, I may be able to assist in a number of ways. Typically, I am able to represent clients in person in courts and tribunals such as at a planning inquiry, Sheriff Courts, the Court of Session, Employment Tribunals, the Employment Appeal Tribunal and the Land Court, and to present their case as effectively as possible. 
I am able to provide pre-litigation and general advice via written opinion and/or consultation and to undertake the effective drafting of court documents e.g. summons, initial writ, petition, grounds of appeal, applications, statements of case and defences.  For further information, please see the FAQ section of this website or follow this link to the Faculty of Advocates website.
As a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, I am also able to provide advice and representation in relation to the forum of International Arbitration.  I am also a trained and accredited mediator.